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Category: Health and Wellbeing

Building Communities in Gloucestershire

Rachel Reeves - 16 March 2022

Communities are building in more ways than one in Gloucestershire, where people from the Housing Led service are involved in creating a new shelter in the local arboretum.

The P3 Wellbeing Calendar 2022

Rachel Reeves - 23 December 2021

Look after yourself and the world around you in 2022 with the P3 Wellbeing Calendar, showing significant awareness and campaigning days, weeks and months throughout the year.

Excellence Award for P3 Wolverhampton Hospital Discharge Service

Rachel Reeves - 7 December 2021

P3's Wolves Hospital Discharge Service has won the Prevention Into Action title at the annual Homeless Link Excellence Awards.

A Goal for Men’s Mental Health in Wolverhampton

Rachel Reeves - 4 November 2021

Weekly football matches in connection with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC are helping to promote men’s mental health in the area.