Student Placements

Gain practical experience as part of your degree or course

“You meet all kinds of people and I’ve definitely become more confident; that’s going to help me in any job. I’ve overcome a lot of my anxieties about talking with new people – now, I have to be the one who’s talking!”

- Ana, student placement with P3 Rugby

P3 recognise that gaining practical experience within the sector is becoming increasingly important for students.

We are proud of our past and present student volunteers who directly contribute to supporting the people we work alongside.

We offer placements within many of our community-based services across the country all the way from Gloucestershire to Lincolnshire.

Hear Chelsea from Chester University talk about her five-week placement at P3:

P3 student placements can be full or part-time, depending on your availability/course requirements:

  • Long term for six months or more
  • Short term (depending on your location in the UK)

Get in touch

If you have any questions and want to have an informal discussion about a potential placement, please call our Head Office on 0115 8508190 or email

If you already have the details of where you want to be based and the times you are available, please click below to apply: