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University of the First Age joins P3 Charity

4 September 2018

The social inclusion charity, P3 have announced that the University of the First Age (UFA) will be joining the P3 Group on 1st September 2018. 

By coming together the two like-minded organisations will be able to do more to transform lives by providing more opportunities for both young people and their communities. P3 and UFA will be able to combine their resources to further develop the skills, expectations and confidence of young people in who they are and what they can achieve.

This passion for people that is reflected in both charities’ mission and values will build self-esteem and resilience, enabling young people to develop the life skills they need to become successful learners, employees and responsible citizens in their wider communities.

P3 support people across almost 50 local government regions in England delivering services for socially excluded and vulnerable people, and national education charity UFA provide services for young people and adults enabling them to become confident and successful learners.

P3 CEO Mark Simms said: "Both P3 and UFA are committed to transforming the lives of the people who use our services, we are passionate about people and we believe this partnership will deliver enhanced services for young people, their schools and communities. Crucially, by working together we will create a stronger presence for both charities that will enable us to support more young people, earlier – our combined expertise supporting young people out of crisis situations and enabling them to access training and education. 

"This is also a great opportunity for us to redefine the way we deliver our services for young people. Not only will we be able to continue to deliver all the good things that both organisations do currently, we will be able to innovate and explore new ways of collaborating with communities and commissioners. By sharing best practice from both organisations we’ll be able to offer a broader range of services and support more young people.”

UFA CEO Paul Evans said: “UFA and P3 share the same values and both organisations hold strong track records in supporting young people and their wider communities. By joining the P3 Group we will become a stronger organisation, better equipped to respond to the needs of young people today and better equipped to ensure we deliver the maximum impact for all the people we work with.

“We will of course, continue our mission to unlock the potential of young people, to give them a voice and to raise aspirations across schools, homes and communities by creating transformational learning experiences.

“I believe this partnership will enable UFA to realise its further ambitions and empower more people to achieve great things."