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P3 Street Outreach Team honoured as ‘Snow Heroes’

Laura Gavin 25 May 2018

Lincolnshire Police, as part of a multi-agency partnership called Lincolnshire Resilience Forum, have named P3’s Lincolnshire Street Outreach Team as ‘Snow Heroes’ during an awards ceremony last week.

Operations Manager Jonny Goldsmith and Service Coordinator Andy Lee received the team’s award

The event recognised a number of individuals and organisations in the area who had performed extraordinary ‘acts of kindness and heroism’ during the February-March cold snap this year. Freezing temperatures saw vulnerable people struggling to cope, particularly those who were rough sleeping.

The P3 Street Outreach Team identify and work with people who are homeless across the county of Lincolnshire, often in early hours of the morning, building trust and supporting people according to their needs.

The team worked even harder than usual alongside local partner agencies such as Framework and YMCA during the cold weather. Senior Street Outreach Worker Andy Lee said:

"We were delighted to receive this award as recognition for the work the team carried out during those terrible weather conditions. The team worked tirelessly until 2am ensuring that everyone we found could access emergency accommodation. During that cold spell, the team facilitated the safe shelter of 57 people across the county. The work continues..."

Members of the SOT Lincs team (clockwise from top left): Mick Gibbons, Dan Duffield, Andy Lee, Lauren Gilbertson, Lisa Pacey

Other local heroes who received an award included the paramedics who’d delivered a baby after an ambulance became stranded on the roads, and two young girls who had ensured their elderly neighbours didn’t run out of food and supplies when they became snowed in.