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Update: Rugby Portobello Trust has distributed £16 million in grants to Grenfell families

4 May 2018

As of Thursday 3 May 2018, Rugby Portobello Trust (RPT) have distributed £16, 638, 350.91 in donations and grants to survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. For transparency, all funds received and distributed by RPT during this terrible tragedy are shown below. For data protection reasons we are not able to comment on individual cases or provide any identifying information for individuals.

Before you read the numbers, we want to thank every single person and organisation who supported these fundraising campaigns by our partners. Whilst the money will help people to rebuild their lives after the terrible events of last summer, we have yet to meet a survivor who wouldn’t give every penny back if it meant the events of 14 June 2017 could have been prevented, and they could have their loved ones back in their arms and return to their homes, friends and neighbours.

The terrible human cost of these events cannot be measured in money – neither can the response from people across this country – whose generosity, kindness and compassion for the victims of this tragedy was, and continues to be, astonishing.

The trust placed in us to distribute these funds by the fundraising organisations and the public is one that we take very seriously, as is our responsibility to our local community and the people that we have been supporting, who have shown the greatest dignity, care and compassion for one another throughout this crisis. A crisis that continues to this day with many people still in hotels and temporary accommodation, and many, many people in the wider community suffering from the lasting effects of this traumatic event.

On behalf of Rugby Portobello Trust we would like to offer our thanks to you all for supporting our community.

CLICK HERE to download Grenfell Factsheet 7.