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P3 Gender Pay Gap Report released

Laura Gavin 15 March 2018

We are pleased to report that we have published P3's Gender Pay Gap figures for the period 2017-2018.  This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men and women in our organisation. 

The Gender Pay Gap calculations are designed to show:

  • the levels of gender equality in our workplace
  • the balance of male and female employees at different levels
  • how effectively talent is being maximised and rewarded

Click on the image below to download the report in full.

Our figures show a really positive result that reflects P3's values as an organisation.

However we recognise the importance of not becoming complacent and will continue to be guided by our values as a fair employer, taking equality seriously.

In fact, our recent changes in personnel - since the data for this report was recorded in April 2017 - means that we currently have no gender pay gap at all. We look forward to publishing our 2018 figures later this year.

For more information about Gender Pay Gap reporting, go to: