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P3’s Derbyshire Outreach Team will close on 31 March 2018

7 March 2018

The future of P3 charity’s Derbyshire Outreach Team (DOT), has received considerable media support over recent weeks as we have worked to try and secure the ongoing, long-term funding required to keep the service open. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful and sadly the service will now close on 31 March 2018.

Our thanks go to everyone who championed the service at the beginning of the year to enable us to keep running, as this support made it possible for DOT to be there to respond to the multiple referrals for people sleeping rough during the recent severe weather.

P3’s Assistant Director of Operations Rebecca Harrington-Leigh who manages the service shares her aspirations for continuing to support people who are rough sleeping in Derbyshire:

“Derbyshire’s local authorities have been genuine in their attempts to secure the funding to keep DOT open and we remain optimistic.

“P3 will continue to work together with Chesterfield Borough Council, the Derbyshire District’s and aligned partner organisations to explore innovative, new ways to work with people who are experiencing homelessness and sleeping on the streets across the county. Our hope is that a long-term solution can still be found.

“DOT will continue to accept referrals on our Freephone number 0808 1647 753 until 31 March 2018. After this date, we’re asking people to contact Streetlink on 0300 500 0914 or to use the Streetlink app.”