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RPT distributes more grants for Grenfell

Laura Gavin 15 August 2017

Following a meeting with Grenfell United residents last week, further grants have been released to former residents of Grenfell Tower.

Although this involves 3 different grant streams, Rugby Portobello Trust (RPT), part of P3 Charity, will administer all of the grants with support from the Grenfell Muslim Response Unit (GMRU). 

RPT have already distributed £2 million in grant payments to date, and will continue to distribute payments from the following organisations over the next few weeks.

Kensington and Chelsea Foundation

The K&C Foundation has committed to providing a ‘Fresh Start’ grant of £10,000 to each former household from Grenfell Tower and Grenfell Walk to help people rebuild their lives. This money comes from the K&C Foundation's Grenfell Tower Fund.

It had initially been agreed that these grants would be made when new temporary or permanent accommodation had been secured. However, after a recent meeting with Grenfell United, the K&C Foundation have said they will expedite donations to those former households who have not already received Fresh Start grants, irrespective of whether they have secured new accommodation or not.

RPT and GMRU will be contacting residents to confirm details so that each former household can be paid £10,000 as soon as possible.

Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund / London Community Foundation

The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund has already made available £12,000 to each former household (through two rounds of £1000 and a further round of £10,000).

Again, following the meeting with Grenfell United and speaking to survivors, a further payment of £13,000 will be released per household. This will bring the total amount from the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund to £25,000 per household.

Artists for Grenfell

Artists for Grenfell, who raised money for Grenfell survivors through the charity single ‘Bridge over Trouble Water’, have also asked RPT to distribute a grant of £2000 per household.

RPT’s Grants Programme

Mark Simms, CEO of P3 Charity & Rugby Portobello Trust, said:

“The families who have lost loved ones and suffered enormous trauma as a result of this fire remain our first priority. The generosity of the public has been incredible. We have put together a team of staff supported by administrators to work with residents to ensure that the grants are properly made to the right people at the right time. We are liaising directly with the charity commissioner, supported by the funding organisations. I am confident that we are in a robust position to deliver this round of grants compassionately, effectively and safely."

Following this distribution of grants, which amounts to £37,000 per household, the total grants made by RPT on behalf of funders since the fire will be £7.5 million.

RPT have contact details for all the survivors and families who are eligible, and aim to be in touch to arrange payment of the grants within the next two weeks.

Donations to RPT

We have received funding from the Department for Education and Comic Relief that has meant RPT's usual summer programme has been bigger than ever before.

This year's summer programme has been offering up to 200 free Play places for children from Grenfell Tower and the surrounding area, two community Play Days for up to 1,000 local people, 7-day excursions for 36 children aged 8 to 12, day trips and activities for 60 local young people aged 13 to 19 and in-house and off-site trips for 61 mums and 90 children aged 0+.

Anyone who wishes to donate to those affected by the Grenfell fire can still do so, via The Rugby Portobello Trust, the Kensington & Chelsea Foundation, the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and the Artists for Grenfell/London Community Foundation.