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Letter to the editor

19 June 2017

P3 CEO Mark Simms shares his views with The Times about the importance of community, unity and compassion in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

The letter was titled 'Blitz spirit' arises from the ashes of Grenfell and featured in The Times on Saturday 17 June 2017.

CLICK HERE to read the letter in The Times or see below.

CLICK HERE to read further coverage of P3's Rugby Portobello Trust and their role in offering ongoing support to residents from Grenfell Tower.


Too often we worry about the cohesion of a community, and the challenges it faces, without having an insight to how remarkable it can be in its hour of greatest need. Within minutes of the fire breaking out at Grenfell Tower we had more donations of food, clothing and household items than we could cope with. People stood shoulder to shoulder and helped one another in every way, opening their homes, their wallets and their lives to those affected. We have hundreds of local people volunteering at our trust from every background and every religion, with a common goal: to help their neighbours, their friends and their community.

In these troubled days I remember Jo Cox and her wise words: “We are far more united and have for more in common than that which divides us.” We need to hold on to these words in the coming days and months, as the bereaved families will need support, as will those setting up new homes. 

We would urge anyone who is moved to donate to do so through the Kensington and Chelsea Foundation ( 

Mark Simms
CEO, Rugby Portobello Trust and P3