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New Gloucester street outreach car

Louise Owen-McGee 11 May 2017

P3 have launched a new street outreach car to enable its team of dedicated support workers to respond to the multiple reports of people sleeping rough on the streets of Gloucester.

The Citron C1 is destined to become a familiar sight on the city’s streets with its vibrant pink and sky blue livery and distinctive messaging calling the city’s residents to ‘tell us about a rough sleeper’.

Assistant Director Matt Gasside stated:

“Our hope is that the car will raise the profile of our Gloucester Street Outreach Team who go out in the early hours of the morning to offer direct support to people who find themselves vulnerable and alone, sleeping on the streets of Gloucester.

“Our intention is to break down barriers and build relationships with people. This then enables us to understand the reasons why a person ended up on the streets in the first place and ensures that we can offer a route away from homelessness that will bring about lasting change. To do this, we work in partnership with many different organisations, enabling people to access the support services they need and realise their potential.

“The public also have a key role to support us in the work that we do. The city covers a large area and we rely on your calls to alert us to anyone seen rough sleeping – hence the bright messaging on the car, asking people to ring us or use the Street Link mobile app to report a rough sleeper. We can then act on the information and direct our support to those people in need.

“To do this we have a Freephone number which accepts referrals twenty-four seven, so if you see someone rough sleeping please take the time to contact us on 0300 500 0914. 

“Once someone is known to us we will work with them to get them safe – a big part of this is establishing their trust – only then can we begin the process of reconnecting them with their community.

“By working in close partnership with other local providers, local people and services we ensure the people we are working with can access the full range of support they need.”

Our staff are currently working with 55 people across the region, who are surviving on the streets in Gloucester and others across the county, some in more remote rural locations.

If you know about a rough sleeper then please contact P3’s homeless street outreach team on: 0300 500 0914.