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Midlands charities celebrated at Number 10

Louise Owen-McGee 31 March 2017

P3 proudly looked on as CEO Mark Simms attended the Downing Street Reception for Celebrating Civil Society in the Midlands this week.

Wednesday evening saw him enter Number 10 alongside charity, social enterprise and faith leaders all invited to represent the sector to the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Civil Society, Rob Wilson MP and to ‘celebrate their important role in building a country that works for everyone’.

Sadly due to Brexit and the triggering of article 50, Prime Minister Teresa May was unable to attend.

The image below shows Mark (far right) with fellow guests and Rob Wilson, the Minister for Civil Society (centre).


Read on for the statement issued from 10 Downing Street:

Local charities, social enterprises and faith groups from across the Midlands were invited to Downing Street yesterday to recognise their contribution to a stronger and fairer society.

The event, hosted by the Minister for Civil Society Rob Wilson, welcomed grassroots organisations – from charities to faith groups – to celebrate their important role in building a country that works for everyone.

Those attending included the Amirah Foundation in Birmingham who helps vulnerable women connect with their local communities, to faith groups like Nishkam Civic Association who support the wider community through faith-inspired civic service - to social enterprises such as the Jericho Foundation who helps tackle social inclusion and unemployment.

The event, which came on the same day that Britain triggered Article 50, recognised the contribution of civil society in helping to set the course for the united and outward looking country we want to see post Brexit.

Rob Wilson, Minister for Civil Society, said:

“I am delighted that we have an opportunity to celebrate these remarkable people and organisations from the Midlands, all of whom are working to build a stronger and fairer society that benefits everyone, not just the privileged few.

“It is important that on a day of such national significance we recognise the contribution of civil society to the country and set a course for the country we want post Brexit. As we leave the EU, it is important we encourage and support small organisations to play a greater part in the delivery of public services across our country.”

Mark Simms, chief executive at P3 - People Potential Possibilities, who attended the event said:

“This recognition is a defining moment, I am deeply honoured to represent P3 and our mission-led work. I believe our charitable ethos and specialised knowledge of working with vulnerable, socially excluded people combines innovatively with local service delivery and partnerships, enabling us to work strategically within communities, becoming greater than the sum of our parts.”