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P3 Gender Pay Gap Report 2024

1 April 2024

P3 Charity has now released its Gender Pay Gap Report for 2024.

Our key statistics are:

73 percent of our staff are women.
27 percent of our staff are men.
Our average mean gender pay gap is 1.97 percent
Our average median gender pay gap is 5.28 percent.

The Executive Leadership Team said:

"We are clear, P3 remains committed to seeing no gap at all.

"We will continue to work positively to reduce and remove any gender pay gap through our ongoing strategic plan and People and Culture processes by taking the following steps:

  • We will regularly monitor our salary scales via sector benchmarking, equal pay audits and analysis of the diversity information we collect.
  • We will promote and embed equality of pay across the organisation.
  • We will work with dedication to ensure our culture is open, fair and non-discriminatory for the recruitment and remuneration of colleagues.

Our long-term goal remains unchanged. We will be an organisation which has no gender pay gap."

CLICK HERE for a PDF download of the full report.