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P3 backs letter to the Chancellor

28 February 2024

P3 have joined the sector in signing Homeless Link’s letter to the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt ahead of the upcoming Spring Budget.
The letter was signed by 37 homelessness organisations, services, and partners across the country. It made clear the 'dire situation facing providers of homelessness services', sharing a recent poll Homeless Link conducted of 120 service providers in which 66% said they're running services that are no longer financially viable.
It went on to warn that "more and more people are being pulled into homelessness without the support of expert service providers to turn to", labelling this as a "disaster which the Government must address immediately."
To address the problem, the organisations urged Jeremy Hunt to "provide funding to enable backdated inflationary uplifts to local authority commissioned contracts for homelessness services and accommodation projects in the upcoming Spring Budget."
Read the letter in full