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E-Racer Takes to the Road for P3

Rachel Reeves 20 April 2023

An e-sports athlete is taking his skills to the real world for P3 – with a virtual marathon.

Chris Shaw, who ranks among the top 100 fastest sim (online motor sport) racers in the country, has official approval to run the London Marathon course, but on Friday 21 April instead of the marathon date of the following Sunday. He hopes to raise £2,000 for P3 Warwickshire services.

The engineering consultant and self-described car enthusiast, said: “Once I learned of the virtual marathon, I realised I can join in with raising funds for charity.
“I knew straight away I wanted to do something to give back to my local community and the topic of homelessness means a lot to me, having chatted on many occasions with people sleeping rough in Stratford town centre.
“Having heard about P3 I was amazed to find that they do so much more than just providing accommodation, by assisting people to access education and employment, as well as delivering mental health services for people experiencing hardship.
“I can't wait to see how my contribution can help!”
Chris set himself the challenge after finding himself becoming less active during the pandemic lockdowns.
“I saw how few daily steps I was doing post-pandemic,” he recalled.
“I've never been a sporty person, but I realised I had to improve my fitness so I started doing small walks. I often read about people doing amazing things for charity but always felt left out because I wasn't fit enough to do anything really that noteworthy.
“Soon my walking got me from a stroll around my estate to walking to town, and then eventually long hikes. On one of those I thought, wouldn't it be crazy to try the London Marathon, and so the idea was born!”
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