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P3 Signs Workplace Pledges for Miscarriage and Menopause

Rachel Reeves 7 December 2022

P3 has signed two workplace pledges to support colleagues who experience menopause, miscarriage or baby loss.
These are the Pregnancy Loss Pledge from the Miscarriage Association and the Menopause Workplace Pledge from Wellbeing of Women.
Colleagues who experience pregnancy or baby loss can take up to four weeks off on full pay – more than the statutory minimum. Partners can take up to five days off as compassionate leave.
Statutory maternity pay and leave still apply for women who experience stillbirth or neo-natal loss, with full pay for the first four weeks and not just the statutory 90 per cent. Partners, again, are eligible for two weeks of statutory paternity/parental leave at full pay, plus two additional weeks of statutory parental bereavement leave.
We also have a full policy in place, including ways to support a colleague if she experiences a loss while at work.
Through the Menopause Workplace Pledge, we recognise that menopause can be an issue and the importance of supporting women who are experiencing it. We also encourage open, positive and respectful discussion around it.
An estimated 900,000 women have left their jobs due to menopause, according to Wellbeing of Women. Many women say that work has been the hardest place to manage their menopause symptoms.
P3 is glad to understand and support colleagues at all stages of their lives and careers. This way, we can improve satisfaction and happiness among our colleagues, as well as help to retain the best possible people to do our important work.