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Voting Opens as P3 Shortlisted in For the People Awards

Rachel Reeves 10 November 2022

Public voting is now open after P3’s regeneration project in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, was shortlisted in the For the People Awards.
The Gainsborough regeneration was shortlisted in the Enterprising category and will win £5000 towards the work if enough members of the public vote for it to win.
Gainsborough is the 24th most deprived area of the country, with an unemployment rate of 12.5% and 300 people a week accessing food banks. 33% of dwellings are reported as being in disrepair and 56% of homes failed the decent homes test in 2010.
P3 is now in a ten-year partnership with West Lindsey District Council for a social regeneration of the town. This includes an ongoing programme to purchase, renovate and let over 100 homes over a five-year period, with 25 properties purchased at present.
The local park has also been cleaned and refurbished and the new name Ashcroft Green was chosen by local residents in a poll.
P3 takes care to visit all new tenants after purchasing properties and to do all necessary repair work at once. One house had had no proper flooring, loose bricks and holes in the wall that the previous landlord had stuffed with boxes of sanitary towels – all issues that were immediately rectified when P3 acquired the property.
The tenant said: “If I were still with my old landlord, if I’m honest, I don’t think I’d still be alive. It was that bad. I feel so much better now.”
To find out more about the Gainsborough project and to place your vote, click here. Voting is open until 30 November.