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P3 Pledges to be Net Zero By 2050

Rachel Reeves 23 September 2022

 A new Carbon Reduction Plan will form the basis of our strategy to achieve ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions by 2050.
The charity and social enterprise, supported by carbon solutions company Auditel, has completed a Carbon Footprint Report to obtain a greater understanding of our carbon emissions.

The report, which covered P3’s activity from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022, will be used to help inform the development of our first Carbon Reduction Plan that will be published later this year (see summary below).

Talking about this global environmental challenge P3 CEO Mark Simms said: “We are clear there is a very real Climate Emergency which will require immediate and radical action by everyone, and our charity is not exempt from this.

“We believe, based on the facts we know today, alongside the overwhelming and growing evidence provided by modern science, that it would be a breach of our duties as directors of the charity to continue as though there is not a Climate Emergency. As the individuals ultimately accountable for our organisation, it is our responsibility to act in the interest of our stakeholders: the people we work alongside, our staff, our volunteers, and every single person in the communities we serve, to take action starting now.

“The work we are doing with Auditel will help us measure and drive our progress towards becoming Net Zero.”

Auditel Carbon Specialist Alan Ford adds: “It has been a pleasure to have worked with P3 over the years managing the energy tendering for their expanding property portfolio. Now, with their goal of becoming Net Zero, the emphasis is moving towards energy management, reducing consumption, renewable energy and improved monitoring and control.

“With such a diverse portfolio there will be many challenges along the way, but with the dedicated team at P3 and the expertise of Auditel, I am sure we can meet these challenges head on.

“P3 do a huge amount of good work within local communities and now we are working with them to ensure this good work continues with minimal impact on our planet.”

Auditel is a cost, procurement and carbon solutions company. Its mission is to help organisations become Verified Carbon Neutral in a measurable, meaningful way."

To view a summary of the report, click here.