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Ilkeston Hub receives EMA Community Grant for Wellbeing Services

Rachel Reeves 8 September 2022

Comfortable seating, mobility aids and privacy screens are among the new equipment for Ilkeston Hub following a grant from the East Midlands Airport Community Fund.
The funding committee approved a request for £1460, which covered everything requested in the application.
The Hub’s activities include a breakfast club, support with food parcels, a walking group, ‘Talking Together’ gatherings and new ‘Stress Busters’ wellbeing sessions, which were set up based on feedback from people the Hub works alongside.
Making the application, P3 Development Manager Victoria Webberley wrote: “P3 staff provide a warm welcome to people that access the Hub and its services. We would, however, like to make improvements to the internal environment to make it more comfortable and appealing to local people.”

She then explained that the funding would be used for comfortable seats and privacy screens so that people at the Hub would feel more at ease, walking aids for people with limited mobility who wanted to join the walking group and yoga mats for the wellbeing sessions.
The Hub also plans to purchase three large beanbags and a coffee table.
Service Manager Ann-Marie Humphries said: “This is really good for our Safe to be You room, which is a wellbeing space for people we work alongside and staff as well. That’s where we hold activities such as yoga, Stress Busters and so on. It’s a space where people can feel safe to be themselves; I’m particularly aware of that need for LGBTQ+ people, but it is for everyone.

“It’s also great that we’ll be able to have more people join our walking group since we’ll have aids for people who need them.

“It’s about constant improvement. Comfy chairs and screens for privacy will make people feel safe and welcome, and that’s what we want.”


Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash. Posed by model.