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P3 Milton Keynes Shortlisted for Homeless Link Excellence Award

Rachel Reeves 15 June 2022

A P3 service in Milton Keynes that reduced ambulance calls by 71 per cent has been shortlisted for Homeless Link’s People First Award.
LiveLife Milton Keynes has supported 100 people in the town between October 2018 and January 2022. Within three to eleven months of starting support, their A&E attendance dropped by 61 per cent, hospital admissions by 67 per cent and ambulance calls by 71 per cent.
The service comprises two parts: a Complex Social Prescribing Service for socially isolated adults with complex needs, and a High Impact User Service for adults experiencing complex issues and who have a high use of emergency services such as ambulance calls and A&E attendance.
Out of the 29 people who used the Complex Social Prescribing Service, 74 per cent were closed with all or most of their needs met from October to December 2021.
For the High Impact User Service, adults experiencing complex issues were supported to dramatically reduce their contact with emergency services (999 calls to South Central Ambulance Service, A&E attendance and Emergency Admissions at Milton Keynes University Hospital).
The service provides a team of Link Workers – described by one person as “torches in the dark” –  who give holistic, personalised support. They help to resolve practical issues, identify gaps in support and help people to improve their wellbeing.
MK LiveLife goes “beyond the call of duty” according to one person it worked alongside, while another described it as “friendly, very professional and always listened.”
Yet another person said: “I liked having someone to listen to me that didn't judge me. The support allowed me to get things of my chest and also encouraged me to look at my own behaviours and how that affected others.”
“There are no words enough to describe the support that has been provided P3 have gone above and beyond, keeping me open to make sure I was not left on my own until the right mental health and social worker support was in place,” said another.
“Hand on my heart, without the support from P3 I know I would not be here today.”
The winner will be announced on 11 July.