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Our Priceless Volunteers

Rachel Reeves 1 June 2022

Self-worth, service improvement and the pleasure of helping are among the reasons people give their time and energy to P3, three volunteers have said.
The volunteers shared their experience as P3 marks Volunteers Week from 1 – 7 June.
Rachel Boon (pictured) first came to the Talking Together group in Swadlincote with her self-esteem in tatters after an abusive relationship. She no longer uses the service but remains as a volunteer, known for her warmth and caring nature.
“If anyone comes in my path who needs help, I’ll be right there,” Rachel said. “As a rule, people often don’t understand why people stay in abusive relationships, but I understand and I know what people are going through.”
She is also a P3 Peer Reviewer, gathering views from people we work alongside to help shape and improve our services.
“Volunteering really gives me a feeling of self-worth, which is so important after an abusive relationship,” she said.
Another volunteer Peer Reviewer is John Holton.
He said: “I like going out to different places, meeting different people and knowing their feelings. You learn about how to make things better, how people can feel more safe.
“It’s helped my communication skills.”
Kelly Cyples discovered P3 in Swadlincote when she joined a session to support a friend. She now assists people who use the service in ways such as helping with letters and bills and offering support to parents.
“It’s so satisfying to know you’ve done something that helps people,” she said.
“If you’re thinking of volunteering but are a bit nervous or unsure, I’d say just go for it and come along to one of the hub sessions. There’s no discrimination at P3 and you’ll be supported.”
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