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Building Communities in Gloucestershire

Rachel Reeves 16 March 2022

Community building is taking on a new meaning in Gloucestershire, where people P3 works alongside are participating in a local project to create a community shelter in Westonbirt, The National Arboretum.  
Six Link Workers at the Gloucestershire Housing Led service are providing transport and support for people to join in the building of the shelter.
They have been working with carpenters and others to create beams from wood sourced from the Arboretum’s own grounds.
Senior Link Worker Sara Harris said the project was a way for people to form connections and become involved in their local communities after the isolating effects of the recent lockdowns as well as experiences of homelessness.
She explained: “The idea behind the project is to build a community shelter within the grounds of the arboretum, allowing better access for everyone and promoting better mental health. The project has been community led from start to finish including the design and construction.”
Sara added that the experience has been helping people to make decisions about what they would like to do in the future, and to build positive and trusting relationships with their Link Workers.
“It has also been an opportunity to show the people we work with that we are not only there for the negative things like asking for rent but really believe in each person’s potential to make changes,” she said.
“We plan to return when the shelter is scheduled to open in early spring for pizza in the open oven for the grand opening, which will be a reminder to everyone how far they have come and what they are able to achieve now and in their futures.”