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P3 Gender Pay Gap Report 2022

Rachel Reeves 14 March 2022

P3 has now released its gender pay gap report for 2022.

Our key statistics are:

  • 73 per cent of our staff are female
  • 27 per cent of our staff are male
  • Our average mean gender pay gap is -0.7 per cent
  • Our average media gender pay gap is -0.9 per cent

The Executive Leadership Team said: “Although this is not perfect – we would like to see no gap at all – we are pleased to see how small it is, especially when compared to the national average. We have analysed our data at a deeper level and no concerns have been highlighted. We believe this demonstrates our dedication to a fair and non-discriminatory system for recruiting and rewarding our staff members.

“Still, we know we must not be complacent and as long as there is any pay gap, we still have work to do. We therefore continue to monitor our pay levels through regular reviews and benchmarking of set salary scales, equal pay audits and analysis of the diversity information we collect.”

Click here for a PDF download of the full report.