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New Floating Support Service in Rutland

2 March 2022

Rutland residents in need of housing support, advice or at risk of homelessness will be able to get help from a new support service in the county from 1 April.
P3’s Floating Support service for Rutland will provide up to 18 months of support for people to help them avoid homelessness and / or maintain their housing.
We can also assist with crisis situations, sustaining tenancies and gaining the skills required for independent living (such as paying bills and keeping appointments).
The service will work closely with local partners including the housing options team, social care, and voluntary sector partners to ensure an integrated and multi-agency approach.
Alison Marjoram, Head of Development for P3, said: “We are really pleased to have the opportunity to deliver this service in Rutland. The service will be person-centred with no one-size-fits-all blanket approach.

"We tailor our support to each person and their individual circumstances, and whatever it is they need to help them avoid homelessness in the first place, or find and sustain suitable housing for them.”
“We are available to support anyone in Rutland aged 16 and over who needs help in preventing or ending homelessness, including people facing rent and mortgage payment arrears.”

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