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P3 Positives #3

15 March 2021

It’s March and we’re all about celebrating the positives here at P3! Read on for some happy news from P3 and beyond…

ESOL programme from UFA: Incredible journeys

Last year UFA (University of the First Age), part of the P3 Group, ran a specialist programme for young people who speak English as a second language, who might not have otherwise accessed NCS (National Citizen Service) youth programmes. There were speakers of 18 different languages on the course, some of whom had had challenging journeys to get to the UK.

Here Ajira Bouchada, Programmes Manager in Milton Keynes, shares an action-packed video that shows how much the young people got out of their time…

Living and succeeding with a stammer

A 22-year-old man from Walton is raising awareness about stammer prejudice and how people can combat it.

William Laven has experienced bullying throughout his life due to his speech impediment, but is now campaigning to empower and instil confidence in children and young people who have stammers, and to encourage greater understanding for the condition.

For more information and support for children and young people experiencing a stammer, go to:

School for female shepherds opens in Spain

A training school for female shepherds in northern Spain has been launched as a bid to rejuvenate rural villages and areas which have seen depopulation in recent years, as high numbers of women leave to work in the city.

The course teaches over nine months with a mix of online and face-to-face learning ‘from the perspective of women’, including consideration for work-life balance for those students with children.

And finally…

A businessman in Japan has created a shelter for cats abandoned after the nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

After an earthquake and tsunami caused a nuclear accident in 2011, the area in northern Japan has been under quarantine while it is decontaminated. Many people fled their homes and some pets were left behind. Ever since, Sakae Kato has dedicated himself to rescuing abandoned cats, converting his home into a shelter using funds from his construction company.

Though the area is not safe to live in and Kato has been asked to leave several times, he sees it as his life’s purpose to care for the animals.