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P3 Positives #1

25 January 2021

NEW! A regular bulletin bringing you good news from P3 and around the world to put a spring in your step…

Worth the wait

“Let me introduce you to Mr M who came to the UK some years ago; he met our Street Outreach Team last year when he was homeless, and they supported him initially into emergency accommodation due to Covid-19.

“Mr M’s passport had expired which meant he was unable to gain employment or complete his settlement status. It has been difficult to say the least during the pandemic as he attended the Polish embassy in Manchester a few months ago and has only just received his passport due to a significant backlog!

“As you can clearly see it was worth the wait as his lovely smile says it all! All hands on deck as we continue to support this gentlemen…”

Emma Stevens is a P3 Support and Reconnection Worker who works in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Christmas goodwill

A police officer in Massachusetts showed compassion to two women caught shoplifting in the days leading up to Christmas, when he learnt they were just trying to put food on the table for their family.

After hearing that one of the women couldn’t afford Christmas dinner for her kids, and in desperation had tried to steal some food from the grocery store, the officer sympathised with her situation. He served the women with ‘Notice not to Trepass’ forms, didn’t press any further charges and bought them a gift card so that Christmas dinner could go ahead after all.

Tradeswomen’s register coming to the UK

In March, a National Register of Tradeswomen is being launched in the UK, designed for women who may feel safer allowing a female carpenter, plumber, electrician or other trader into their home. The register will also help those who are vulnerable or have experienced domestic abuse to find a professional trader they can trust.

The register was conceived by Hattie Hasan, who founded Stopcocks in 1990, a network of female plumbers and heating engineers which also trains and mentors women to enter these trades.

And finally…

Researchers at Putra University in Malaysia have found a sustainable way to reuse pineapple leaves after the fruit has been harvested: make them into drones.

These lightweight drones are also cheaper than standard synthetic drones and if they break or lose any parts, the organic matter will simply decompose. They could be used for transporting loads, agricultural imaging and boost farmers’ income through selling the leaves rather than burning them.

Photo by Ariel on Unsplash