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New charity partnership to deliver community-based support across Tewkesbury, The Forest & Gloucester City

Louise Owen-McGee 17 April 2020

P3 Charity and Caring for Communities and People (CCP) have embarked on an innovative partnership to deliver community-based support across Gloucestershire. CCP will be the lead provider for the Gloucester, Tewksbury and Forest of Dean districts while P3 will continue to deliver the service in Cheltenham, Stroud and The Cotswolds.

By working together, the two social inclusion charities have pioneered a single pathway for people to access the service county-wide.

A preventative service, it works alongside vulnerable people to ensure they can maintain their housing and independence, with access to personalised support to help resolve their needs before they reach crisis point.

This service recognises the importance of suitable housing and how housing-related difficulties are a key factor negatively impacting a person’s health and wellbeing. By simplifying the referral process and offering a single access point P3 and CCP can ensure they are able to focus on their primary objective, to assist people in their search to find a safe, sustainable, long-term home and addressing wider issues such as securing and maintaining employment, offending behaviour, improve health and wellbeing and caring for others in both their own homes and the community.

Both organisations hold extensive experience of engaging people from diverse community settings, including hard-to-reach and under-represented communities, as well as vulnerable adults, including those with physical and mental ill-health, learning disabilities and long-term conditions, who are in need of support.

The service is short-term and designed to be both flexible and responsive, meeting people at their point of need in their own home, over the telephone, in community-based group sessions and digitally via apps like Skype.

By working together to deliver the right support, at the right time, people can get the help they need and be supported to live trouble-free and independent lives, reducing the risk of physical and mental ill-health.  

P3 and CCP already have a proven track record of delivering this model of support successfully in other parts of county.

P3 CEO Mark Simms, stated:

"We’re delighted to be able to deliver this service in partnership with CCP.

“People reach crisis point within their lives for a multitude of reasons, this could be; money management problems, addiction, debt, health reasons, or many other things. Our approach is to not offer a one-size fits all service, but to see each person as an individual and offer bespoke, tailored support to enable them to overcome their own personal barriers.”

CCP CEO Cordell Ray, agreed saying:

“We welcome the launch of this service, and a partnership that will provide crucial, personalised help and support to people before they reach crisis point, and ultimately help them to maintain their own homes. This community-based support service will work with people who are struggling with a range of issues, but most significantly will deliver stability and hope to people facing challenging circumstances.”

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care Cllr Kathy Williams, said:

“This new partnership will help people stay safe and secure, living in suitable housing long term. By helping to build on an individual’s existing strengths, the service can help them develop the skills and resources to become self-reliant and resilient, allowing them to thrive.

“We are looking forward to working with P3 and CCP to continue to provide excellent support services for the residents of the County.”

If you are struggling to maintain your home and would benefit from the short-term support described, go to the new service link developed by the two charities to find out more: