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Stephen Graham Visits P3

Ross Murphy 6 March 2017

Stephen Graham is a familiar sight on many of the latest TV shows. Stephen is famous for his role as Tommy in ‘Snatch’ alongside Brad Pitt, Andrew ’Combo’ Gascoigne in ‘This is England’, Scrum in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ and Al Capone in ‘Boardwalk Empire’ to name but a few.

In December, Stephen swapped Hollywood for Hill Street, taking time out of his schedule to turn the Christmas lights on, but more importantly, to host a presentation of certificates event for all of the Ambition clients who have successfully achieved qualifications as part of our bespoke education programme. This is a huge achievement and we want to celebrate it with them in style.

Stephen, along with his actress wife Hannah Walters, presented the clients with their certificates of education - he couldn’t have made it more special for them. Obviously, the certificates ended up scrawled with his autograph!

Stephen, Jan Harrison and Natalie; who are part of the Ambition team that made it possible, were interviewed by the Burton Mail - there is a video link to this below and it is well worth a watch.