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P3 volunteer named ‘Volunteer of the Year 2019’

4 November 2019

P3 volunteer Asa Hudson was named ‘Volunteer of the Year 2019’ at the Volunteer Centre’s recent awards recognising contributions to the voluntary sector in Chesterfield & Northeast Derbyshire.

Asa has been volunteering for just over a year at one of P3’s places to stay for people experiencing mental ill-health in Chesterfield. Asa arranges group and one-to-one music sessions for people living at the property, which is part of the BeWell service, giving everyone the chance to practice a lifelong passion, work towards a musical goal or simply improve their wellbeing.

James, one of the people Asa works alongside, has recorded and released several tracks on Bandcamp as a result of their sessions. You hear more from the people taking part in P3’s Music for Wellbeing group in the video below.


Asa, a DJ and musician based in Nottingham, said:

“Receiving the award was a total shock as I was up against a lot of strong competition, but to have the work I do recognised in the space of just a year was really touching and humbling.

“Before I set out to volunteer I had a strong goal that was to see if people experiencing mental ill health can benefit from music, and if it could help them express themselves.

“The feeling I get from volunteering is extremely rewarding and I hope that people might feel inspired to pursue a similar role and witness firsthand just how powerful music can be in people’s lives.”