Volunteer Voices

Lee Mills

Lee is a valued member of P3’s Head Office staff team, working in IT. Here he describes his reasons for volunteering.

“I was in the position of wanting to change my career but not having the necessary experience or confidence to be able to apply for a job in IT.


“Volunteering gave me the opportunity to try working in a new environment, doing something I had not done before, without having to commit to something that I could later find I didn’t really enjoy – which never having worked in IT or doing a nine-to-five, Monday to Friday job was a real possibility. I came in for one day week and really enjoyed the role and working with the rest of the team. Then after approximately six months I was offered a full-time position.


“I would recommend to anyone looking at changing careers or thinking about trying something new to give volunteering a go.”



Val Dixon

Val is a volunteer at our Wolverhampton Navigator, here she describes the journey that led to her becoming one of P3’s dedicated volunteers.

“In 2011 and then in 2013 I lost both my elderly parents and also my long-term job due to redundancy. I had suffered with anxiety for many years and I came to believe I was never going to find another job due to my age. I had several jobs from 2014- 2016 and also worked through two agencies as a support worker in schools, but I couldn’t find a place where I felt as though I really belonged.


“In 2016 whilst attending a support group which met once a week in town I became aware of the number of homeless people in Wolverhampton. I started simply by gathering warm coats and other items which my grown up children no longer needed and offering them to people I passed on my way home. I always took a bit of change so I could offer a hot drink to at least one person I met. I stopped to chat to ones I saw regularly and realised how often they were seen as ‘invisible’ to others. What I noticed too was that if I stopped it made other passers-by also more likely to stop and offer help.


“These people were so immensely grateful and I wondered how I could help them to get off the streets. I researched online for local organisations and set about starting the volunteering process. Eventually in early 2017 I became involved with the P3 Navigator in Wolverhampton.


“I had left my last job at the end of 2016 and suddenly realised that I was not going to do a job again unless it was one I really wanted. As soon as I started volunteering I felt spiritually uplifted. My days now have meaning and I have met such a lot of lovely people. The staff are amazing and I feel really appreciated. The clients are so grateful for the help and support they receive and I can honestly say helping others has changed my life for the better. I’m glad I have finally found something that makes me feel so good, my ‘dream job’.”


Desiree Reece

Desiree Reece is a volunteer at P3’s Rugby Portobello Trust (RPT) in North Kensington, London. She gives her time to support the Project Athena girls’ project and RPT’s fundraising events. Desiree works for British Airways and is studying for a degree in healthcare management.

“I chose to volunteer with P3 because of the passion I have for young children. They are our future and P3 has an outstanding reputation in encouraging young children in a positive way.


“I have benefited from meeting amazing adults, being part of fundraisers, giving back to the community and seeing positive results from the children each week.


“P3 is very supportive to not only the children, but their staff. – With very friendly youth workers and volunteers. There are so many creative young children out there and P3 definitely supports each individual and achieve their goals. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be part of such a fantastic team.”



In the photo above Desiree is standing fourth from the right – volunteering at the Brain Game.


Robyn Petitt

Robyn describes volunteering with P3’s Justice Services in Hampshire.

“I chose to volunteer with P3 to gain valuable experience of working with vulnerable people. The opportunity arose through the University of Portsmouth Purple Door, and through further research into P3, the work done and the room for growth, the charity looked too good to miss!


“As I would like to go into probation as a career the experience within such a work environment has been invaluable. Not only have I gained experience within the field of probation and its extending limbs, such as P3, I have also been able to develop my interpersonal skills with both clients and colleagues which can and will be utilised in the future.


“Unsurprisingly volunteering gives me a sense of pride. When I can see a positive change in an individual it gives me a sense of achievement and pride that I have managed to have an impact upon someone for the better.”