Nigel's Story

I had a tenancy in Belfast but had been experiencing violence and abuse from a group of local men, which left me fearful for my own safety. I decided to flee to Northern Ireland by ferry, catching lifts with lorry drivers where I finally arrived in Chester.

For a while I presented as homeless, sleeping wherever I could for several weeks before a bed became vacant at a hostel in Northwich. During this time, the Cheshire West and Chester Council were carrying out an investigation into my homelessness. This proved difficult as I did not report the abuse in Belfast to the police, therefore I was not seen as homeless because I chose to leave housing. This was a low point in my life that caused a lot of stress to my health.

I suffered a stroke on two occasions and spent several weeks in hospital which impacted my speech and mobility. My hospital stay was the first time I was introduced to P3 and the Stroke Association who both worked together to offer me mental and physical support.

I had no family and friends in Cheshire and felt very lonely and vulnerable. I was referred to Elizabeth from P3 who helped me gather evidence to support my homeless application, engaging with a solicitor who represented me in court.

Elizabeth helped me find a flat, in a central location to town, which is fantastic for me to get around independently as I still have difficultly with mobility. My right leg hasn’t fully recovered from my stroke.

P3 helped me to receive the right benefits, along with a grant from the Stroke Association which helped me buy clothes, food and furniture for my privately rented flat, which I now have a six month assured short-hold tenancy.

My life has changed dramatically as a result of the support I have received from P3. I can now live my life without fear of violence in a secure home. I have a passion for model cars and spend my spare time creating cars as a rehabilitation process. I am content with life; I don’t know what I would do without the support of P3 and the Stroke Association.