Lisa's Story

Lisa* talks about her frightening experience of homelessness, and how she found her confidence again

I found myself homeless following the breakdown of my relationship, leaving with literally only the clothes I was standing up in.

I had become deeply depressed following some close family bereavements and walked out on a well-paid job. My partner resented the pressure this placed us under financially and I found myself drinking secretly, and increasingly heavily.

Initially I stayed with my sister but, as my drinking escalated, I had to leave. I had enough money for one-night bed and breakfast, then was left with no other option but to present at a night shelter. I didn’t think I could sink much lower; I had lost everything. If things had got any worse, I truly believe I would have taken my own life.

The support I've had has been fantastic

It was very frightening staying in a hostel; however, the staff were fantastic, and I was very grateful to have somewhere to stay. I found the staff to be understanding, friendly, non-judgemental, caring and nurturing; just what you need when you’re feeling so low.

I felt so ashamed. Having people around me that cared was lifesaving. People having faith in me built up my self-esteem and self-worth again. I know I can always speak to my support worker and be sure of a kind and friendly face when I need it.

I feel I’ve been given a second chance

I feel proud of my achievements. I’ve got my self-confidence back, and I can go back to my old life [as it was] before ‘hitting the bottle’. Life is worth living again and I have a future. I am now seeking part-time work and take pride in myself and making my home beautiful. I now have a home! I can’t imagine where I’d be without it.

Lisa's new home.

*name changed to protect privacy. Lisa received support from P3's Places to Stay: Warwickshire service.

Header image by Paul Schalles from Pixabay.