Justin's Story

Justin talks about how living in a P3 property has improved his mental and physical health

Like angels coming to my rescue …

When I first moved in here, I said that I didn’t plan on going anywhere. I told the landlord, “I know it’s your house, but it’s my home and I want to make it my home.” I really love gardening and it took me six years to get the garden just right, just how I want it. I have my garden, my greenhouse, and everything … just how I like it to be.

Then one day I had a call saying bad news, I was going to have to vacate my property. Just like that. I asked why and they said they couldn’t really divulge why and couldn’t go into it.

I was in shock.

I started looking about trying to find somewhere. I could have gone somewhere but I would have lost my garden, my greenhouse …

Moving is one of the most stressful things ever and I never want to do it again. That’s why I said I wanted to stay here. I’m getting on a bit myself. I’m on blood pressure tablets anyway and my blood pressure went sky high, to well over 170. That’s why I can’t get stressed too much. My blood pressure goes up just thinking about it, just talking about it. I was almost fainting when it happened.

But then, luckily very quickly, a letter came through the door and said the house was being taken over by P3 and I could stay. It was like angels coming to my rescue. The letter told me not to worry, it gave Rachel’s contact details and asked me to let her know when she could come and visit me.

I was so relieved that I didn’t have to leave.

All that stress and uncertainty were gone. Moving is just a nightmare. It’s not just all the stuff you have to move, it’s getting all the contact details changed with the bank, phone company, the electric and gas, setting up all the direct debits again … it’s just awful. Plus, on top of all that, I care for my mum so that’s the last thing I need. And I’d have to start my garden all over again!

I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t been able to stay. I think I’d be dead, my blood pressure went that high. I know just how high it went because I was monitoring it for the doctor …

The property was in decent condition but the fence had been falling down. There had been bad winds earlier in the year, but it was falling down before then. I tied it back and put a metal bit in it to hold it up, but now it’s been properly sorted out, which is excellent … and Rachel says that at some point, all the properties will get a new kitchen.

P3 are very caring.

In fact, I’ve never had a landlord that’s so caring about people. It just makes me think, wow! Sorting things out so quickly … I’m not complaining, but I’ve never had that. Normally you’re lucky to hear from your landlord once a year. They don’t care, but P3 do. I know I said it already, but they really are angels.

What do they do?

Basically – everything!

We all got a check that we were OK in the hot weather of 2022. Some people need activities and other things, I don’t knock it, but personally I have enough with my mum, cooking, gardening, films, hobbies, my dog; I keep myself busy. It makes me wonder how I had time to work before!

I took part in the poll [carried out by P3 and West Lindsey District Council] to rename our local park after it was cleaned up and regenerated. My choice didn’t win, though! They chose Ashford Green. I wanted Community Park because it’s for the community … but that’s OK.

I like to stay busy, and I get all the support I need. Rachel is always checking to make sure I’m OK and ask if there’s anything I need. There’s so much thought for me! Did I mention P3 are angels?