Jessica's Story

Jessica shares how having a stable long-term home has improved her family's and her own mental wellbeing

I came to P3 after I split up with my ex-partner.

He and his family were harassing me, so I had to leave my home with my four girls. It was impossible to stay. His family only lived around the corner, and this was happening every day. They were staring at my kids, breaking my windows, saying horrible things to my neighbours, attacking my car and just trying to cause me trouble. I was constantly having to get the police out and it got to a point where we just had to leave. My daughters were suffering from the harassment too and they became scared to be in that home.

We went to stay with a family, but they didn’t have room for us all. A friend told me about P3 and I got in contact. I was told there wasn’t anything available that day, but a few weeks later Rachel rang me and said a house had come up. I went straight from where I was staying to see it.

I looked around and I really liked it. P3 also did pretty much all the admin work for moving in for me, bless them.

P3 were brilliant!

Rachel said I shouldn’t move in straight away, but around payday. I hadn’t heard of that before, but it was brilliant. Normally you get the keys and away you go, but this way I had money to move in with. She also helped with setting up my rent, so I didn’t get confused and P3 helped me to move in – even picking up a sofa for me.

And I just love the place … It’s up-to-date, modern, the kids love it here and have made friends on the street. The neighbours are absolutely lovely!

It was hard to find somewhere new because my ex-partner was supposed to pay the rent and I got into bad rent arrears; I thought rent was being paid and it wasn’t … and the house was in my name … So being rehoused was very hard. It was such a struggle, and I couldn’t get a guarantor. It was an absolute nightmare …

I cannot fault Rachel and P3. If I have any problems, I ring her and she’s straight on to it. I had a few problems with the taps not running properly and within a couple of days Rachel had someone in to sort it. In my previous flat it was really hard to get hold of someone and if you did they would take weeks and weeks to come out. This time, all I have to do is ring or text P3 and within a couple of days it’s sorted out.

I don’t know what would have happened if I’d stayed in my old place …

I lived with that harassment for a year and it was making us all so depressed … I was at the doctor’s with anxiety. My mental health just spiralled … but since we came here, we’ve all been so much happier. It’s so nice to have our own home rather than being cramped with not enough space in someone else’s … that just didn’t feel right.

The children felt exactly the same, especially my 14-year-old. I had to take her to the doctor. She felt trapped, she wasn’t herself, she needed her own space and privacy. My youngest daughter had to go and stay with her dad so I could only see her when I went there and that was really hard for us, being split up.

But life is so different now. I feel so much better, so much happier and more independent. I have a person to speak to now with P3 and that makes a huge difference.