Harry's Story

From decluttering a home to thriving and moving forwards in life …

“I can’t thank P3 enough for what they are doing for me,
they have done so much already and every time they are here,
I thank them because they are fantastic.”

Meet Harry*

Harry is a 53-year-old single parent living with his 23-year-old daughter who has Down’s Syndrome in Buckinghamshire. Their home is a spacious three-bedroom rental property and it should have been a haven for their family life.

Inside, two rooms cannot be used due to the excessive clutter and belongings that have built up inside them. Harry's daughter’s bedroom also has clutter and worryingly, black mould is present on the ceiling and windows, posing an increased risk for respiratory problems, allergies and asthma. Further dangerous levels of orange and black mould are also present in their bathroom where neglect has enabled it to take hold.

Harry’s own health is a factor too; he is living with multiple chronic health
conditions while attempting to fulfill his role as the primary carer for his adult daughter. Harry struggles daily with his mobility and has to wear orthopaedic braces around his lower legs, as well as living with a significant brain injury which affects both his memory and mood. Due to these mobility issues, Harry takes high doses of prescribed pain medication including morphine and is prone to trips and falls.

In our conversations with Harry, we discover he has missed important medical appointments because of his fear of the results, meaning he could have further undiagnosed health conditions which should have been treated and seen to.

Harry is overwhelmed. His mobility and poor physical health mean he is unable to declutter the house and clean the mould. He has been living on his sofa surrounded by clothes and medication for several years now.

Both the clutter and the mould are beginning to take over the whole house.

With P3 support

We met and chatted with Harry and quickly established his mobility was the biggest factor contributing to the clutter. Working together, a plan was put in place to declutter and deep clean the house and assist Harry with reorganising his home to make it accessible.

Next, we reviewed Harry’s medication and personal wellbeing. After reorganising and disposing of all the out-of-date prescription items, we funded and delivered two lockable cabinets to store his medication safely. Harry could now easily see and manage his pills, keeping everything together so he didn’t lose them in his home or over-order from the pharmacy.

We then organised professionals’ meetings with all the agencies involved in the family’s care to discuss plans for their ongoing wellbeing. We assisted Harry to re-book and attend two crucial hospital appointments and contacted occupational therapy. We worked to ensure Harry had all the mobility adaptations he needed installed in his home to give him greater access from room-to-room. Plus, Harry now had a mobility rollator to promote his exercise and fitness.

Next, we liaised with adult social care to arrange for a personal carer to assist Harry with his medication and getting around. Slowly but surely Harry’s life came back on track and, crucially, his trust with P3 grew. He was able to think about and discuss his future. He opened up about feeling overwhelmed and initiated the conversation about having a smaller home to manage. He was now able to see the importance of downsizing to a more manageable, accessible home.

Now Harry is accessing support with our Housing Support Service for his long-term wellbeing. Here, he can bid on properties and we can provide a weekly check-in service to support with any housing related issues.

P3 Impact

With P3 support, Harry’s home was decluttered:

  • 13 bags of refuse were disposed of and 13 more large bags, all full of unwanted belongings, recycled.
  • Nine pieces of furniture were removed, including three mattresses, one headboard, two dining chairs, two large cabinets, one dresser and a running machine. Removing these possessions has made it easier for him to move freely around the house, reducing the risk of trips and falls.
  • The black and orange mould was cleaned and removed from all visible areas throughout the house.
  • A further four large hippo bags were brought into the house, which have now been filled and collected.
  • The area under the stairs was cleared to allow for a successful gas safety check.
  • The property’s electrical plug sockets have been checked and surge protected as they were being overloaded.


Harry is very happy! He appreciates the support received, especially knowing his medication is organised and being able to move freely around his home. He's shared how being able to eat at his dining table with his daughter is so special as it's something he hasn’t been able to do for years. He is currently adjusting to the support being delivered by his new personal carer and is looking forward to moving into a new home with P3’s support. Harry feels empowered, the changes greatly improving his quality of life. For the future, Harry wants to focus on getting involved in volunteering activities and getting fitter to help with his pain management.

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*Names changed for anonymity.