Emily's Story

Bespoke hoarding support and so much more …

“P3 are great, you really understand the problem we
have … you have so much patience, I don’t
know how you did, I can’t sing your praises enough.
You haven’t just helped with hoarding; you have done so
much more.”

Meet Emily*

Emily is 65 years old and lives with her son who has a chronic skin condition. Their home is a two-bedroom property located in Buckinghamshire.

Emily was referred to P3 as she was struggling with her mobility. She had sustained injuries to both her shoulder and arm and had asked for help to clear her house of all the unwanted belongings.

When we met with Emily, we quickly recognised behaviours consistent with a hoarding disorder. On entering her home, we found all the rooms were very cluttered, disorganised and unclean. The problem was further worsened by dead skin cells being present on the surfaces and flooring throughout the house due to her son’s chronic condition. Sadly, the two of them were sleeping in the lounge as both beds upstairs were unusable.

Added to this, Emily’s son also lives with sight loss and was at a high risk of trips and falls, so it was really important to act quickly to minimise risks and create a safer living space.

With P3 support

Emily is making slow but consistent progress decluttering her home. (She is
working at a pace expected of someone experiencing hoarding disorder behaviours.)

She has built a strong relationship with P3. This trust has been key to her having the confidence to access much needed added support. Emily knows she can discuss her challenges without being judged, including her mental ill-health.

All these steps show significant progress.

Another huge milestone for Emily was allowing people into her home. Today she feels able to allow contractors and surveyors into her house to complete much needed work and investigate areas needing repair, something Emily had previously turned down.

P3 Impact

With P3 support, Emily’s home was decluttered:

  • 89 bags of refuse have been removed and disposed of.
  • Eight bags of clothing have been recycled or donated to charity.
  • 11 bags of books, magazines, toys, DVDs and CDs have been donated to charity.
  • 17 bags of general household items, kitchenware and electrical equipment have been recycled or disposed of.
  • Eight large pieces of furniture have been removed from the property.

All the waste and clutter was removed from Emily’s son’s room (taking the room from 8 to 1 on the clutter rating scale), and today:

  • The room is redecorated, and a new carpet has been fitted.
  • Two unusable mattresses were removed and replaced with a single
    bed and new mattress.
  • Storage was provided with a new wardrobe.

Overall, P3’s support has dramatically changed the family’s lives for the better. Their home is decluttered and clean reducing the risk of any infestations, and their improved living conditions have improved their day-to-day wellbeing.


We have helped Emily to apply for PIP and Universal Credit for her son, and we have supported Emily to undertake a financial capacity assessment to ensure they are better equipped to support themselves financially.

We’ve also worked to ensure Emily has access to support for her mental ill-health, liaising with her GP to gain a referral for mental health support and enabling her to keep on top of her long-term wellbeing.

These were all crucial changes; Emily now feels better able to manage her home and her mental health, and appreciates being able to enjoy her home and just live life.





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*Names changed for anonymity.