Adam & Michelle's Stories

Adam's Story



Adam expends his nervous energy by pacing up and down the room whilst introducing himself to everyone. He apologises for his continued movements explaining that he has ADHD and finds it difficult to settle in an unfamiliar setting. After accepting a coffee Adam’s tension begins to fade. Once he is visibly more relaxed he begins to share further details about his personal circumstances; he is in his thirties, a father and approaching the end of his probation order.

Adam is openly grateful for P3's support and incredibly vocal about the positives provided by the charity's link workers. He is currently on a probation order for theft, he disclosed having used heroin for 20 years (since he was 13) and his first criminal conviction was in 1998.

Here he explains in his own words the difference P3 has made in his life.

"I thought P3 was just another con. I've spent years in the system where you're just treated like a sheep and no one reads your file or has the time to see you as an individual. I wasn't a bad criminal, I just needed help. I was fed up of the tick box culture and staff who were there for one appointment and gone for the next – I had serious trust issues and felt it was pointless to even open my mouth.


"P3 is a miracle! My link worker listened to me, my worries and anxieties. His first words were 'what can I do for you?' That was massive and totally blew me away, no one had ever done that for me before, no one had ever just listened. He got me a GP referral and helped me to sort out and access my bank account. I now know that I have ADHD and can understand what triggers my behaviour and I have a bank account for the first time in four years.


"I trust my P3 worker one hundred billion per cent. Being with P3 has massively reduced the likelihood of me reoffending. Knowing someone is caring like that, it's not just brilliant, it's been life changing for me."


Michelle's Story



Michelle is immaculately dressed and openly expresses her love of fashion. She is motivated and articulate, and easily shares her thoughts with staff about P3.

Michelle was recently released from prison and is on license in the community, she is on a 7am – 7pm curfew and resides in a hostel managed by the probation service. She reflects on her own journey and shares the challenges she's continuously working to overcome: "I believe my addiction is a learnt behaviour, my family moved around a lot and mum, dad, my friends and relations, they all drank. That was just my 'normal' as I was growing up and I didn't really think anything of it. I would drink too, but then I began to use drugs recreationally when I was out with the girls clubbing – nothing too serious at first, but looking back now I never stood a chance.

"I actually believe the addiction was embedded within me because of my background and the influences I was exposed to growing up. There were no taught boundaries or consequences.


"I'm now working really hard to change who I am as a person, and part of this has been opening up and asking for help from my P3 Link Worker.


"Sam is amazing, he's really supported me on my journey. I'm able to trust him and talk about what's really going on in my head. I was worried when I first met him that he was just telling a good story, one that would never be real, but here I am and I believe I can succeed! I now know how to identify my 'triggers' and work to avoid them.


"I used to try and sit and live with everything that was going on in my head and it felt like I was going mad, but now I'm supported and I’m even reflecting on my own recovery. P3 has provided me with that, with the motivation and the structure. Working on my mind-set is a daily challenge, but one I can be in control of, plus I can text Sam if I need help and we have regular meetings, I'm no longer alone.


"Now I have my confidence again, I've been able apply for jobs – I've even been shortlisted, but what I really want to do is run my own business, I'd love that!"