People Shaping P3

Supporting people to shape our services

People Shaping P3 is all about you influencing the way we run our services. You can become involved at a stage in your support when you feel ready, or after leaving our services.

You can be involved for as long as you like after leaving the service.

What’s involved?

P3 provides training, guidance and support to help you to reconnect with your community and gain skills. Being involved in People Shaping P3 can help to build your confidence towards accessing new opportunities such as employment or volunteering.

We involve people who have used our services at every level, from inviting your feedback on our local services to supporting you to take a seat on our People's Board. We also provide opportunities for you to influence what’s going on in your community.


Training and opportunities

We offer opportunities such as:

  • Mystery Shopping Customer service training to enable you to ‘mystery shop’ our services and tell us how we could improve.
  • Recruitment & Selection Training and supporting you to become part of our recruitment process, sit on interview panels and help us decide who is the right person for the job.
  • Strategic working groups The chance to inform P3’s central services such as helping us to improve our communications.
  • Peer Reviewers to find out how our services feel to the people who access them.


People's Board & Academy

Our People's Board is made up of people who are being supported, or who have been supported by P3 services from regions across the UK. The People's Board feeds directly to our Board of Trustees and has the power to shape P3’s services at a strategic level.

We also provide an induction programme called the People's Academy, a toolkit of knowledge and skills that will enable you to make the most of being a board member, including training in the following areas:

  • Building a strong board
  • Working effectively in a group
  • Confidence building
  • Communications
  • Basic IT skills

Want to get involved? Speak to a member of the PSP3!

Lindsey Robinson
P3 Lead for Involvement

Rosie Matthews
East Midlands & Cheshire