Liven up your work day with some fundraising

Fundraising at work boosts team morale and raises your social responsibility profile in the local community and industries in which you operate.

Hold a dress down day

Dress down days are a great fun way to raise some funds by ditching your usual work attire for more casual clothes, or even pyjamas! Ask your colleagues for a donation to take part. If your office dress code is casual, then how about a ‘dress up day’ and everyone can come in to work especially smart or in Dinner Dress!


Hold a raffle!

Ask colleagues, your company or suppliers to donate prizes then sell as many tickets aspossible, but don't forget to check the rules!


Bake Sale

Bake sales are a tried and tested, and very popular way to fundraise. Volunteers bake and donate cakes, cookies, buns, muffins, pies and biscuits which are then sold to raise funds! Easy to organise, set up and run, they are a great fundraiser that are always a huge sucess!


Sweets in a jar

Filling a glass jar full of sweets and getting people to guess the amount there are is a quirky and intriguing idea, with the winner receiving either a percentage of the money raised through the guesses, a donated prize or even the sweets themselves.