Learning on the job

Find out how you could benefit from an apprenticeship with P3

Watch the video to find out more, or read on to hear Paige, Rory, Ellie and Xena talk about their journey from studying to employment...

Paige Simons

Paige is working towards her Business Administration Level 2 NVQ through Chesterfield College and has been an apprentice at P3 for three months.

“I did some research on P3 when I saw the job and you can tell that you’re doing something that’s going to benefit other people; it’s not all about you.”

“My assessor, Rose, comes here once a month and marks my work as I upload it electronically, so you can see your progress going up. I’m doing my Level 2 qualification but I know that my colleague did her Level 3 here so there is that opportunity to progress.

“At sixth form, they didn’t talk about apprenticeships, they strive for you to go to university but it’s such a good thing, I think, for young people to do something like this because once you’ve got that qualification, you can take that anywhere, even if you decide you don’t want to stay at the place where you did your apprenticeship. That qualification will stay with me for life.”

Rory Thompson

Rory started at P3 as an apprentice three years ago and now works as an IT Support Technician.

“The working environment here has really helped with the transition between going from studying to work – on an apprenticeship, you have to learn quick and adapt to how people do things, which I prefer.”

 “The IT qualifications I came out with were CompTIA and Network+. The first one is a standard support qualification that takes you through the Windows operating systems and the second one dives deeper into networking, servers, DNS and so on, which is recognised by Microsoft as well.

“I’d like to do more web design and development next, and as a side project, robotics. This job has actually helped a lot to learn how that works, mainly through learning Arduino [software to create motorised or interactive objects]."

Xena Uveges

Xena is also a Business Administration Level 2 apprentice at Chesterfield College and has been working for P3 for four months.

“With me being in reception, I get a little bit of everything so it gives me a chance to experience what each department does and gives me an open mind for what I could do in the future if any jobs did come about. At the moment, I think I’d like to go towards the Finance or Quality side of things, so I’m going to try and get more work in those areas over the coming months.”

“You get your qualification which always looks brilliant on your CV, on the job training and one-to-one support which you wouldn’t necessarily get doing anything else, and you don’t need to go out to college to do your qualification – it’s all done here at work, and then you’re getting that real-life experience.”

“Because everybody here is so helpful, you know there’s always people there to support you and I’ve never felt like I wasn’t able to do something.”

Ellie Baldwin

Ellie has been working with P3 Lincolnshire since the service began in 2015 and has just completed her Level 2 Health and Social Care apprenticeship.

“I was working in retail but it wasn’t really what I wanted to do and I saw the apprenticeship and thought it was a good route in…P3 seemed to have a bit of a personality about it, not clinical like social services. I think it’s given me that extra bit of confidence – and the qualification highlighted a lot of legislation that I wouldn’t have known about having just come to the job

“There are things you learn going out and meeting people that you just can’t learn in a classroom. I really like it as I don’t think there’s much learning or training you can do on its own to prepare yourself for support work, you just need to do it. I don’t think I would have got to work for such a good company any other way.”