Street Outreach

Helping to get people off the streets and into stable, safe accommodation.

P3 no longer provides this service. If you are homeless in Lincolnshire or know someone who is, please find the contact details by area below:

Lincoln City

Tel: 01522 873351 


Tel: 01205 314200 (Mon to Fri, 9-5) and 01205 362151 (out of hours). 

East Lindsey

Tel: 08004640445 

South Holland

Tel: 08081000210 and

North Kesteven

Tel: 01529 414155 (Mon to Fri, 9-5) and 01529308308 (out of hours). and 

South Kesteven

Tel: 01476 406080 (Mon to Fri, 9-5) and 01476590044 (out of hours). and 

West Lindsey

Tel: 01427 676676 (Mon to Fri, 9-5) and 01427 613960 (out of hours). and