Enabling us to gather feedback and continuously improve the services we deliver.

CLIVE is something we're very proud of at P3. He is our very unique client involvement vehicle; helping us to tour P3 services and visit the communities we work in, to gather feedback from you, the people that matter most to us - the people we support.

"CLIVE" stands for Consult, Listen, Involve, Value, and Expertise. We want to ensure we consult, listen and involve every client who comes through our doors, and CLIVE helps us deliver on our promise and commitment to value the unique expertise our clients bring.

Every P3 service is designed by closely involving the very same people that use them - our clients - and we believe that's the way it should always be.

Our twitter account regularly posts about CLIVEs whereabouts. Follow us at @P3ontour and @P3Charity to stay updated.