ACTion glos: gloucestershire Homelessness project

A new approach to supporting people who are homeless and facing complex challenges

What we do

ACTion Glos is a project to support people in Gloucestershire who are homeless and face complex and overlapping barriers to exiting the streets for good, such as drug/alcohol misuse or mental ill health.

This service is aimed at those who have ‘fallen between the gaps’ previously or may have a history of using homelessness services without having their needs fully met.

Specialist link workers will support clients flexibly to meet all of their needs, in any setting and by linking in with existing services.

Support will focus on:

  • Finding and sustaining accommodation
  • Wellbeing, including addressing addiction and mental ill health
  • Employment, training & volunteering

Who we support

As of October 2017, we are providing support to 110 single adults (18+) who are currently homeless, have a history of homelessness and have complex needs.

How to get help

This service closed to new referrals in September 2018.

If you are rough sleeping or at risk of homelessness, these alternative services in Gloucestershire may be able to help:

How we are funded

ACTion Glos is a fixed-term (3.5 years) project using Social Impact Bond funding made available by Central Government as part of their Homelessness Prevention Program in 2016.

P3 are overseeing this project, working in partnership with CCP (Caring for Communities & People) and ARA (Addiction Recovery Agency).