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P3 declares Climate Emergency

18 December 2019

P3 has produced a Climate Emergency Plan outlining how we will move towards sustainable practices as an organisation.

The plan outlines what declaring a Climate Emergency will mean for P3 in practical terms, along with the risks and opportunities, next steps and examples of relatively small actions that we can take that will make a big difference in reducing our negative impact on the environment, from going paperless to moving towards renewable energy providers.

Why is P3 declaring a Climate Emergency?

P3 risks being left behind if we don’t act now. It may affect investment in our services, as commissioners and funders are increasingly focussed on how we do things, as well as what we do, and increasingly looking for organisations which are taking responsibility for their carbon footprint.

Most importantly, there are extensive implications on people who will be affected by rising temperatures, air pollution and flooding. These include risk of disease, food shortages, displacement and disruption to property.

Opportunities in going green

There are lots of opportunities for us if we get involved in green practices. We can become a sector leader, engaging more people, stakeholders, and recruiting more colleagues who are looking to be involved with innovative, future-facing organisations.

We can lay plans for the future so that we are prepared for a time when these practices become mandatory.

Next steps

The organisation's plans for 2020 include recruiting a Climate Change Project Manager, along with a transition team representing regional services and core teams, to ensure we consider the different environmental challenges across P3.

This team will hold a series of conversations and consultations to communicate what this transition will look like and gather input from colleagues. This will inform a Sustainability Strategy which will outline in more detail how we reach our environmental goals.

>>To read the Climate Emergency document in full, click here.