Unique's Monster workshop

A workshop was run at the Unique Coffee Bar last week in collaboration with the Newark Young Archaeologist Group. Susan Rodgers from NYAG came and spoke to the young people about how forensic scientists reconstruct people's faces when a skeleton has been found.

Susan brought various images of faces that had been constructed in the past, including one of Jesus and explained how the scientists complete the process.

The young people then had a go themselves, reconstructing faces using a skull and clay. As it was close to Halloween, the young people decided that it would be a fun idea to construct a face of a monster and the pictures show some of the interesting end products! The young people used glow sticks in the eyes so that the eyes shone green and yellow, and added wool and other materials to the monster's heads to create hair. The young people were then able to make a mini version of their monsters which they were able to keep as a memento of the workshop.

In total, 7 young people took part in the workshop and all of the young people really enjoyed the session, requesting to do more work on archaeology in the future.

Photo Gallery