P3 launch Gloucester homeless service

From today there is a new approach to tackling homelessness in Gloucestershire. The Social Inclusion Charity P3 has been awarded the contract to deliver the county-wide service and is committed to ensuring that everyone has somewhere to go and someone to turn to, if they face the devastating situation of having nowhere to live.

There will be two new hostels with 14 beds, with an additional 17 beds in units around the county, meaning a total of 31 beds across Gloucestershire. This is an increase of ten beds compared to the previous provision of Night Shelter units and will help us to work towards ensuring that nobody should have to sleep rough in future.

P3 has a proven track record in tackling homelessness across the country. P3 will now work with GEAR, the previous provider of the Night Shelter, to support people using the current service. This will ensure a smooth transition from now until the end of February.
Mark Simms, Deputy Chief Executive of P3 said "This is a completely new approach in Gloucestershire and I'm delighted to be able to bring our successful and award winning approach to the area. I want to thank GEAR for everything that they have already done for homeless people in the County and I'm 100% committed to working closely with them in future to ensure we can make a real and lasting impact on peoples lives."

P3's aim is not just to give homeless people a short-term place to shelter. The hostels will provide a safe place for P3 to work with individuals to understand the underlying issues and reasons why they have become homeless. They then provide a wide range of services that support people to get their lives back on track. P3 provides support with housing, health issues, employment, training, education and addiction issues.

This wrap-around service of support not only changes the life of that individual for the better, but also has a huge positive social impact on the community in which they live.

Cllr Paul McLain,Gloucestershire County Councillor and Chair of the Supporting People Partnership Board said "I have no hesitation in saying that P3's approach is inspirational. You don't get to be charity of the year unless you're doing something really special. The Supporting People Partnership Board believe that the new service will provide homeless people within the county the chance to work towards a stable lifestyle and a home of their own. The county council will continue to work closely with its partners to ensure there is a smooth transition to the new service, and that those using the current services are given priority as these much needed changes in the service take place."

If you are in Gloucestershire and would like to access this new service you can email or call the freefone number 0808 178 6003.