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P3's main aim is to give people the practical skills and self esteem that they need to sustain an independent and self sufficient lifestyle by providing opportunities and support to help vulnerable people move from social exclusion to inclusion.

P3 offers successful and lasting routes out of social exclusion and homelessness by operating a variety of effective services to help to overcome the challenges that the public sector can no longer tackle alone in creating positive outcomes to people at real risk of social exclusion.

We've been around for over 30 years, working in some of the most deprived areas of the UK with some of the most at risk groups in our society, helping them to rebuild their lives. And we're pretty good at it too. We support hundreds of people every day to take control of their lives and move towards social inclusion and healthy positive lifestyles.

P3 delivers a wide range of award winning services for people from all walks of life at a time and in a way that they need it.

our vision

P3's vision is that everyone at risk of, or currently experiencing some form of social exclusion or vulnerability in their lives should be able to access services that support, empower and encourage individuals to live their life to its full potential in a healthy and productive way. We want to be the best in what we do and to seek excellence by continuously improving the services we provide so they more closely match our clients needs.

Putting an end to the issue of social exclusion means that we as an organisation need to tackle the root causes of these problems whether they be homelessness, mental health illness, poverty, a poor education, or anything else.

Long term goals

Our long term goals are to continue the pursuit of excellence in the provision of services for excluded and vulnerable people. We also aim to extend our existing services where possible by developing new services to serve the unmet needs of socially excluded people.


P3 exists to create and operate services, facilities and opportunities for vulnerable and disadvantaged people, which offer effective and long lasting routes out of social exclusion and homelessness. We seek to work in partnership with those sharing our vision, goals and mission.


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Our commitments