Unheard voices

Welcome to our unheard voices blog. The aim is to give an online platform where socially excluded individuals or groups in the UK, can speak about issues that concern them, life stories they want to tell, or anything that is happening in the world, that they have an opinion on.

We believe that by giving people a voice and a chance to be heard, we can help to move them from social exclusion to social inclusion.

We're always on the lookout for guest bloggers, so if you are interested in providing content, please get in touch with us!

Colin's story

27 October 2015
Colin was a professional bass guitar player, with his band reaching the UK Top 40 charts. After the music had died down, he found himself homeless and society treated him a lot differently. He found help and support from P3 to get him back into society to live a more independent life. Colin say’s, “P3 came to the rescue for me. P3 look out for you and look after your needs and do the best they ca... Read More

Elma's Story

10 July 2015
Elma wrote her story, in her own words, to share with others who may also need help. Read More

Nathan's Story

10 July 2015
Nathan described his life as "going to pot", until he got support from Ambition. Read More

Thomas's Story

18 May 2015
Hear how P3 has helped Thomas transform his life. Read More

Why am I here?

01 April 2015
"I honestly couldn't see a point to living. I thought why am I here?" Read More

Wayne's story

09 February 2015
Wayne is a qualified chef but has been homeless for the past 4 years. Read More

Sharon's story

02 February 2015
My baby was taken straight from the hospital to foster care and I was left on my own. No baby, no home, no friends. I didn’t know what I was going to do. Read More

Anthony's story

26 January 2015
At the age of 15 Anthony found himself in a desperate situation with nowhere to live Read More

Yvonne's Story

18 December 2014
Yvonne came to P3 looking for a safe and secure place, to escape from torment and trouble that had followed her throughout her life Read More

Eliza's Story

03 December 2014
Eliza is looking forward to Christmas this year after receiving support from P3. Read her story here... Read More

Nigels story

29 October 2014
I had a tenancy in Belfast but had been experiencing violence and abuse from a group of local men, which left me fearful for my own safety. I decided to flee to Northern Ireland by ferry, catching lifts with lorry drivers where I finally arrived in Chester. Read More

Ben's story blog

12 September 2014
I was referred to P3 by my Probation Officer as I was struggling to engage with a supervision order and continuing to get involved in petty crime. I kept ending up in court and being fined. I was basically heading to prison. Read More